ISsoft Hiring Week January 17-30, 2022

Business Analyst (HVAC sphere)

Company Background

Our client is the largest manufacturer of commercial heating, ventilation, and air/conditioning (HVAC) equipment in the world. The company is headquartered in Japan and has major North American operations headquartered in Minneapolis. The company has advanced manufacturing capabilities, but is inexperienced in the area of software product development.


The company seeks to enhance the value of its equipment by connecting it to the Internet (i.e Internet of things). This will provide the ability for customers and technicians to remotely control equipment, troubleshoot problems, and view historical operating information.

Project Description

The project involves the development of a customer portal for the client’s Intelligent Equipment project. The project consists of the development of a web portal where customers and technicians can control equipment and view data related to its operation. The portal features a responsive design so it can be viewed on a wide variety of computers and mobile devices. It integrates with the client’s CRM system to retrieve customer information and connects to the HVAC equipment via web services to Riptide cloud architecture that connects to controllers residing on the physical equipment. The current work also includes integration with the company’s IoT platform which replaces Riptide Device Cloud.

What You'll Do
  • Work with existing documentation, 2 product owners on client-side and 2 dev teams to capture, refine and elaborate on new requirements upon migration from Riptide Device Cloud to In-House IoT Platform and new features;
  • Day-to-day collaboration with the customer and local teams. Meetings conduction upon need;
  • Documentation of newly implemented functionality;
  • Run Questions/Answers sessions;
  • Facilitate brainstorming;
  • Present requirements, concepts;
  • Switch focus fast: be ready to jump into a local discussion then get back to the client with a response and double-confirm back with the team.
Azure DevOps Boards and Wiki
Azure Cloud
Job Requirements
  • Business Process Model and Notation;
  • Good communication skills. Being able to speak and write in a coherent, easily understandable way;
  • Good self-organizational skills;
  • Understanding of client-server architecture;
  • System Analytical skills are a plus.
What Do We Offer
  • 100+ technical and non-technical trainings to develop and expand your horizons;
  • Internal meetings and conferences (we like sharing our expertise);
  • English courses;
  • Free medical insurance;
  • Remote work option;
  • 15 sick days fully compensated;
  • Team sports activities,  and corporate events;
  • GYM compensation;
  • 18 business days of paid vacation.
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