DevOps Engineer (Packaging sphere)

Company Background

Our client is an American company which develops robotic systems for packaging various types of products. In addition, the company is also involved in packaging design.

Project Description

The work is carried out on a multitude of projects right now, building a time approval application, a labor tracking system, etc. We need to build and maintain software for our client from scratch. Most of the applications run on-prem now with a few exceptions. Long term goal will be complete migration to cloud.

Main tasks:
  • Develop a good CI/CD solution for the current application;
  • Migrate current infrastructure to Cloud and divide all the applications to different services (can be Containers). Right now we have 1 Tomcat with several applications;
  • Develop CI/CD for infrastructure deployments;
  • Implement good Monitoring/Logging approaches;
  • Investigate and prepare POC for implementing new tools and approaches;
  • Cloud vendor – AWS;
  • SQL house, Java back end and React front end;
  • DevOps, DBA;
  • DevOps skills: Setting up the infrastructure for CI/CD jobs, log aggregation, monitoring, revisit current AWS and Azure setups, introduce containerization;
  • DBA skills: Migrate from MySQL to MS SQL, Maintain DB health, Document and implement backup/recovery procedures;
  • DBA tasks – migration from MySQL to SQL. Mainly needed good DR for prepared infra (backup, recovery, updates and etc.);
  • AWS – main services – ec2, vnet, vpc, iam, rout53, storages, maybe DB – develop good infrastructure architecture with the ability to scale;
  • Iac – Terraform – infrastructure deployment;
  • Monitoring\Logging;
  • Kubernetes.
Job Requirements
  • The level of DevOps specialist – Middle+/Senior;
  • Years of experience – 4+;
  • Tech skills – DevOps, DBA;
  • Level of English – Intermediate;
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