ETL Developer (Renewable Energy Systems)

Company Background

Our client is an American clean energy supplier. Their mission since day one has been to make clean energy accessible for everybody. In the US, most electricity comes from burning polluting fossil fuels. But with the client’s solutions, you can choose where your energy comes from. The company makes sure all the electricity you use is replenished on the grid with 100% wind and solar from your region.


Signing up only takes a few minutes. Your utility company stays the same, and they will still maintain your lines and provide your bill. No service calls, equipment, or installation are needed.

Project Description

The ETL Developer will be responsible for data discovery, ad hoc analysis, building analytic models and data warehouse design, as well as data transformation and loading of the data warehouse through ETL and ELT technologies and methodologies. You will have an opportunity to use the latest cloud technology platforms in Data Warehouses, ETL Tools, etc.

  • Identify and understand source data systems and become an expert of data sources and flows;
  • Identify and develop all mappings and data movement within the client’s eco-system;
  • Gather data from different sources like MSSQL DB, Flat files, API calls, etc;
  • Build robust data pipelines, data lakes, and data warehouses;
  • Tune and support current ETL processes;
  • Enhance standards and best practices;
Snowflake/MS SQL databases
Job Requirements
  • 3+ years working with ETL tools (Matillion, SSIS, etc.);
  • 3+ years working with data warehousing;
  • Strong SQL knowledge (Snowflake, MS SQL, etc.);
  • Good experience in Python programming;
  • Good experience in API integration;
  • Hands on experience with AWS infrastructure (S3, RedShift, etc.);
  • Knowledge of verbal and written English (Intermediate at least);
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