Front-End Developer (GovTech sphere)

Company Background

Our client is an American company that offers affordable cloud solutions for local governments. The company’s goals are to help American citizens understand how their taxes are spent and to help local municipalities operate and collaborate more effectively with each other.


The company works with hundreds of local governments from large cities to small school districts to help them communicate, connect and engage with their constituents to build community support for mission-critical projects. The company’s platform also enables civic officials to make informed, fact-based decisions about budgets, hiring, economic development and more.



  • AngularJS + Angular 10;
  • Socket.IO;
  • Highcharts;
  • D3;
  • Gulp;
  • LESS;



  • Node.js;
  • Express;
  • RabbitMQ;
  • MySQL;
  • Elasticsearch;



  • Heroku;
  • AWS;
  • Amazon S3;
  • Git;
  • JIRA;
  • Confluence;
Job Requirements
  • Skilled full-stack developer with 3-5+ years of experience;
  • Understanding of Node.JS + MySQL back-end development;
  • AngularJS+Angular front-end development;
  • Experience with charting frameworks and data visualization is a plus;
  • Understanding of microservices concept;
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