Front End Developer (Recruiting sphere)

Company Background

Our client is focused heavily on the most in-demand jobs (cybersecurity experts, AI engineers, etc.) and can not only assess capabilities and job fit, but can also match an individual with the actual makeup of the team being hired. Client’s AI has been able to help recruiters more than double the quality of candidates they can find, and its “attractiveness algorithm” gives companies almost 50% more likelihood a hard to find candidate will accept a call or consider a position.

Project Description

The first phase of project, an online portal system, development includes limited features to allow the client staff to create and manage role templates and to allow clients review and approve it in order to find & hire highly qualified & rare specialist.


In case of successful first stage functionality of project will be extended with more features.

Job Requirements
  • Education in the Computer Science field or relevant experience;
  • Knowledge of verbal and written English (Intermediate at least);
  • Attention to details;
  • Focused on quality;
  • Interested and able to see how things work;
  • Proactive and good team player;
  • Ready to take responsibility for his/her work as well as for the team’s result;
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