Node/AWS Developer (Platform Automation sphere)

Company Background

Our client is a legal practice management systems platform, located in New York.  They are looking to start with a fully cross-functional Salesforce team (~6ppl) and eventually having at least two of them. The first project that we will be working on will be development of the new product which will be heavily focused on the accounting aspects of managing law firms.

Project Description

The first project that we will be working on will be development and support of their backend systems. The  main focus will be to write clean and scalable code to run on AWS services (e.g. Lambda, Fargate). You will also assist with the design, analysis, development, implementation, and deployment of new data-driven applications. The ideal candidate has the ability to function in an Agile software development lifecycle and will thrive in a hands-on, focused, productive and team-oriented environment.

  • Write scalable and maintainable Javascript for AWS services (e.g. Lambda, Fargate);
  • Design, develop and monitor RESTful APIs;
  • Utilize AWS to create cost effective and efficient services for file migrations;
  • Create clean and organized Cloud Formations Templates and deploy stacks to hundreds of customers;
  • Manage the security and organization of millions of files in S3;
Job Requirements
  • Experience with Node.js;
  • Experience with a version-control system (e.g. git);
  • Familiarity with AWS – Specifically – Cloud Formation: API Gateway, Lambda, S3, ECS/Fargate, DynamoDB;


Nice to have skills

  • 2+ years AWS development experience;
  • Serverless architecture on AWS (API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB, S3);
  • AWS certifications, especially “AWS Certified Developer – Associate”;
  • Networking experience;
  • Cybersecurity experience;
  • Containerized applications;
  • Multi-account AWS account architecture;
  • AWS CDK experience;
  • AWS CloudFormation experience;
  • Cost containment experience;
  • Service monitoring experience;
  • CompTIA Security+ (or equivalent) certification;
  • CompTIA Network+ (or equivalent) certification;
  • Electron experience;


Additional Skills

  • Experience with the Salesforce Platform;
  • Strong communication skills;
  • Willing to take an advisory role for the client;
  • CI/CD experience;
  • A love of testing;
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