ISsoft Hiring Week January 17-30, 2022

Java Developer (Hospital & Health Care)

Company Background

Our client has developed a powerful enterprise platform with a wide range of options, including configurable smartphone applications that help healthcare providers better connect with families and influence important health decisions. The available programs cover fertility, pregnancy, pediatrics, and overall family health.

Project Description

The engineer will join the Database Team. The Team stores, accumulates, and reports on information logically organized data like databases, schemas, and tables. While the resulting stored data is structured, source data can be structured, semi-structured, or unstructured. Incoming data can be from internal systems, phone app log files, external client data, or purchased third-party information.

Java 8
Spring JDBC Framework
Job Requirements
  • 4+ years software development experience;
  • Upper-Intermediate English;
  • Proactive attitude to problem-solving
  • Understanding of Command Pattern, Visitor Pattern, Null Object Pattern, Factory Method Pattern, Directed-acyclic graphs, Hashing algorithms;
  • Experience working with Java;
  • Understanding of Concurrency – Futures, Annotionations – Json annotations;
  • Knowledge of Mockito, Trove, Jenkins and AWS – S3;
  • Knowledge of PostgreSQL – psql, Common Table Expressions, functions, etc.;
  • Understanding of Data warehouse (Star schema, Dimensional modeling);
  • Knowledge of MongoDB, R, Tableau;
  • Familiarity with machine learning algorithms;
What Do We Offer
  • 100+ technical and non-technical trainings to develop and expand your horizons;
  • Internal meetings and conferences (we like sharing our expertise);
  • English courses;
  • Free medical insurance;
  • Remote work option;
  • 15 sick days fully compensated;
  • Team sports activities,  and corporate events;
  • GYM compensation;
  • 18 business days of paid vacation;
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